Advantages of Space Sharing for Creative Ideas and Work

Non-profit community groups play an essential role in fostering creativity and alleviating intractable challenges in the community. For community members who want to work on and display their creative ideas, getting a conducive space may pose a logistical nightmare. Furthermore, leasing one may be out of reach due to high rent prices. Non-profit community groups such as Tangleball have brought together such artists and techies to showcase their idea in a shared space for broader community reach. But what are the advantages of space sharing for creative ideas and work? We mention a few below.

Peer Motivation

Working with peers is a stimulating experience. Unlike doing something behind the closed doors of your private house, joining your creative peers elicits an intrinsic motivation to do well. Failure acts as further motivation to do better next time. Success is celebrated, and the feeling of high fiving your space colleagues is incredibly motivating.

Wider Reach and Impact

At the shared space, the display and demo from creative people have the advantage of reaching a wider audience. The reception from the community will reverberate far and wide. Occasionally, the idea may be taken up by the media, social and mainstream, to an even broader audience. This may translate to a considerable impact creating even more networks for the creative.

Conducive Work Environment

Working from home is gaining traction. However, the distraction from the jumpy, playful child or the nudge to turn on the home theatre system may become a severe hindrance. In a shared creative space, the absence of disturbances and the mutual peer pressure to behave appropriately may lead to more accomplishments.

Shared Amenities

In a creative space, artists and techies will find additional amenities that could not be accessed at home or elsewhere. These amenities will enable creatives to achieve his goal faster and at a lower cost.