[Discussion] Moving In...

Ed Maker at ClubEd.com
Mon Nov 8 14:35:06 NZDT 2010

Ok, I just spoke with my landlord and he's still keen to go on those 
terms, although he does want a six month commitment from our side as 
well as his. At that point (May 31, 2011) it's possible that we'll be 
replaced by a tenant paying full price rent (probably around twice 
what we're getting it for) or we see if we can afford to pay more if 
we want to stay there.

Also, he's willing to start the rent from December 1 but we can move 
in today. He'd prefer any changes to the property to be impermanent 
to a certain degree, so let's discuss remodelling plans tomorrow and 
see what can be done within what bounds - although it's not as if 
we'd plan on leaving any of our building materials behind if/when we 
do move. I forgot to mention the wall, but I'll have an ask..

Come to the meeting tomorrow evening (Nov 9th) at 7pm and we'll have 
a vote to decide if this is it, and if we're ready to commit to the 
space, the time and the money.

Good times..

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