[Discussion] Signage and our tagline

Ed Maker at ClubEd.com
Thu Nov 11 13:43:34 NZDT 2010

I'll need to follow through to make sure it happens, but we just got 
an offer from a signmaker/graphic designer to donate us a sign for 
our building.

I imagine it would say:

Our Tagline Here

Which begs the question, what is our official tagline. Shall we put 
it up for a mailing list vote?

I'm personally a fan of:  Tangleball - The Auckland Makerpace

I prefer it to hackerspace, since it's more inclusive and in my mind, 
more accurate. We could also play with the struture, like 
"Auckland's  Makerspace", or something. And of course we could go 
with "Creative Space," which has a bit of history with us..

So this is a call for suggestions, and then we'll correlate them for a vote..


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