[Discussion] Wooden crates for pickup

Zarek Jenkinson (Eltu lefngap 'eveng) eltulefngapeveng at skxawng.lu
Thu Nov 11 19:03:20 NZDT 2010

Would be great as an SVN/CVS and web server for the group.
Then Nevyn won't have to pay for a server!
I can put Linux on it and configure it for the group.
I don't have Win2000 Server... Why bother paying for a server OS when you
can get better for free with Linux?

-- Zarek

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010 17:30:10 +1300, Logan Moore <logan at xentac.com> wrote:
> If we're palming off stuff :P.
> I have an old compaq proliant 1600 server (perfect working order) that
> I'd be happy to give to the cause. It's currently being used as a bed
> side table :P. Now that I have an dual opteron workstation and a dual
> xeon server, I haven't looked back at low end hardware since.
> Dual 450MHz Intel CPUs.1GB of memory IIRC5 x 9.6GB scsi hard drives with
> dedicated raid controllerFront panel LCD administration thingy majigy
> (shows system errors and administrator details and such) Perfect for
> Windows Server 2000 but I don't have my own license, I was using an MSDN
> license from work.
> Probably a bit outdated to be a main server or anything, but would be
> excellent for software development/testing. Maybe a code repository. If
> the group doesn't want it, but someone else does, drop me an email. 
>  - Logan

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