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Woops, I only saw Creativespace.org.nz I was completely unaware of

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> Hey guys,
> I've just finished school, and got a few exams to go before i'm free for
> the holidays.
> I'd like to build a nice full featured site for you guys. I have 5 years
> experience in PHP and MySQL and I've developed C.M.S. based sites before.
> I'm not offering to spend all my time on it. more of something to do during
> my spare time which I'm sure you guys will appreciate ::)
> I really can't wait for Tangleball to fully kick off as I'm a Electronics
> Hobbyist. I love working with embedded electronics and would love to have
> access to tools, macheinery and workspace that i can't afford to have
> myself.
> If you guys would like to take up my offer (I'm not asking for money at
> all) Let me know and we can discuss what the site can have. I'm not a
> designer so someone will have to come up with some designs though.
> Cheers
> Roman
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