[Discussion] KiwiBurn

Jaco - WorkShop Enterprises jaco at workshop.gen.nz
Mon Nov 22 13:40:31 NZDT 2010

I recall someone asking about KiwiBurn last time.

KiwiBurn (kiwiburn.com) is the local version of the US Burning Man 
Project (burningman.com)

Summed up as:
"Build something. Fly something. Float something. Burn something…bring 
it to Kiwiburn in 2011.

Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everybody contributes, everybody 
pays. As there are no paid performers at the event, there are no 
spectators and what is shared are the passions and dreams of those who 
gift them. You cannot "attend" Kiwiburn, but you can be a part of it.

There will be no money exchanged for anything at the event."

So if anyone's planning on attending (I'll be missing out this year; 
maybe we'll brave the next one), the 'space may be ideal for getting 
those contributions ready.

- J

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