[Discussion] Participation of other groups

Jaco - WorkShop Enterprises jaco at workshop.gen.nz
Wed Nov 24 10:43:30 NZDT 2010

Hi guys,

I know we discussed the participation of other groups, but I don't thing 
it was fully covered.
We're waiting for more info from the biking group (numbers, etc), but 
something else occurred to me.

The AuckLUG group meet once a month, and I'm certain that we/they would 
draw value from the space (especially fro install-fests & the like).
Would we require the group to make a certain donation for access to the 
I'd be willing to pitch in a few $$$ (2 beers' worth) for the use of the 
space; I'm sure others will too, but I'm concerned about turnout if all 
participants are compelled to pay.

....may be a topic to raise for the next meeting.

- J

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