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I started looking at OAuth2 & OpenID as a single-signon solution & I 
think OAuth2 facilitated the exchange of data between different sites & 
SaaS, such as FB.

Are you very clued-up on such systems? Would you be able to provide some 
info at a later stage?

- J

On 25/11/10 13:52, richard_space at richms.com wrote:
> To annoy people.
> Oauth is basically unworkable in any situation where you make a 
> product where your key is visible, like software you give to other 
> people. It's the result of design by non designers who have not 
> thought thru the results of their decisions.
> I am amazed that people have not stripped the keys out of tweetdeck 
> etc and circulated them making tweetdeck need to get a new one and 
> release a new version, as twitter have said that they will remove 
> compromised keys in the past, and it means that anyone wanting to 
> deploy OSS to tweet has to register as a developer, which is zero cost 
> for now, but who knows when that will change.
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> Boo boo, why do they always make things complicated.
> On 25/11/2010, at 11:06 AM, Neftaly Hernandez wrote:
> Actually, the example there won't work - as I discovered yesterday, 
> Twitter has disabled basic auth (and as such doing it via curl doesn't 
> work anymore). You need to use dedicated libraries with 
> twitter-generated asymmetric keys nowadays.
> On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Robert Carter <rob at mintmedia.co.nz 
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> Twitter has a very simple api. Here is a doc on how to do it:
> https://www.sit.auckland.ac.nz/Twitter
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