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Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Thu Nov 25 14:42:58 NZDT 2010

forwarded from the community bike group.

i said they would be welcome to bring along their smoothie/cocktail maker
and bike repair kit to the party

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Date: 25 November 2010 14:28
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Choice, thanks Robin

Yeah going from our meeting and minutes there haven't been any
objections so looks like we are all go to sort out the admin side of
things also :)

I am away the next two weeks - anyone else keen to take on going to
the meeting and moving things forward? (of course be cool if lots of
people went!!)

My personal opinion as to when we would use it and how many: I reckon
if we could have one weekly time slot at least initially that could be
cool, and grow from there, I don't mind when.. a week night could be
handy for commuters/people working in town etc but Sunday arvo could
be cool.. and those that are keen could go on to play bike polo down
the road... then it would be a matter of advertising that time far and
wide, with the hope that the general cycling public will drop by to
use tools/parts etc. So numbers would depend on that. But I guess if
it was a time that suited most of us so we could hang out and work on
things/discuss matters etc then it would be 5-10 people max.

If people are up for it be cool to have the smoothie maker at the open
day, could maybe turn into a cocktail maker as the night goes on....
Otherwise we could have the mobile workshop stuff there, and some
bikes to work on...

See yas all in a few weeks

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:12 PM, Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at gmail.com>
> hi all,
> we had a meeting on tuesday, and talked about the TCS being involved
> in our space. consensus was yes, we would love to have you there,
> pending sorting out some admin stuff.
> would one/some of you be able to come along, say next tuesday. we're
> specifically interested in:
> *how much space do you think you'd need
> *roughly how often/how many people would be likely to use it (we
> realise this may be a wild guess)
> Also, we are having a launch party/bbq on Sunday, December 5th (week
> on Sunday) from 5pm till 10pm, all are invited.
> If some of you would like to come along and join in with the party,
> with some personal/group project, or show something to do with the
> cycle group, that would be great - please do
> check our site for more info of what we'll be doing:
> http://tangleball.co.nz/?q=node/16

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