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Oh, and just to clarify; its a bike powered smoothie maker - you really do
enjoy the fruits of your labour.

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Robin Paulson <robin at bumblepuppy.org>wrote:

> forwarded from the community bike group.
> i said they would be welcome to bring along their smoothie/cocktail maker
> and bike repair kit to the party
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> Choice, thanks Robin
> Yeah going from our meeting and minutes there haven't been any
> objections so looks like we are all go to sort out the admin side of
> things also :)
> I am away the next two weeks - anyone else keen to take on going to
> the meeting and moving things forward? (of course be cool if lots of
> people went!!)
> My personal opinion as to when we would use it and how many: I reckon
> if we could have one weekly time slot at least initially that could be
> cool, and grow from there, I don't mind when.. a week night could be
> handy for commuters/people working in town etc but Sunday arvo could
> be cool.. and those that are keen could go on to play bike polo down
> the road... then it would be a matter of advertising that time far and
> wide, with the hope that the general cycling public will drop by to
> use tools/parts etc. So numbers would depend on that. But I guess if
> it was a time that suited most of us so we could hang out and work on
> things/discuss matters etc then it would be 5-10 people max.
> If people are up for it be cool to have the smoothie maker at the open
> day, could maybe turn into a cocktail maker as the night goes on....
> Otherwise we could have the mobile workshop stuff there, and some
> bikes to work on...
> See yas all in a few weeks
> ****
> On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:12 PM, Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > hi all,
> > we had a meeting on tuesday, and talked about the TCS being involved
> > in our space. consensus was yes, we would love to have you there,
> > pending sorting out some admin stuff.
> >
> > would one/some of you be able to come along, say next tuesday. we're
> > specifically interested in:
> > *how much space do you think you'd need
> > *roughly how often/how many people would be likely to use it (we
> > realise this may be a wild guess)
> >
> > Also, we are having a launch party/bbq on Sunday, December 5th (week
> > on Sunday) from 5pm till 10pm, all are invited.
> >
> > If some of you would like to come along and join in with the party,
> > with some personal/group project, or show something to do with the
> > cycle group, that would be great - please do
> > check our site for more info of what we'll be doing:
> > http://tangleball.co.nz/?q=node/16
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