[Discussion] admins (was: meetup.com)

Jaco - WorkShop Enterprises jaco at workshop.gen.nz
Thu Nov 25 19:52:54 NZDT 2010

> I'd like to see the "web admin" committee sorted soon - I don't really 
> like the idea of more than 15 admins on the Drupal site, and it would 
> be handy just to have a list of names to add to this sort of thing 
> (Twitter, Identi.ca, etc)
Please count me into this group & provide access & admin rights to the 
sites & services concerned.
Can we define/list this on the portal/wiki too, please, along with 
contact details?

And before we carry on much further, can we please confirm that we have 
working backups in place, in case everything goes all pear-shaped.

One of the participants has a rack & some systems we can install & set 
up "right" so we can run services in-house.

- Jaco

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