[Discussion] small generator

Robert Carter rob at mintmedia.co.nz
Sat Feb 4 16:25:26 NZDT 2012

Does anyone have any ideas how you might make a small generator that would provide enough power to run a microcontroler, but be thin enough to fit inside a compact cassette?

Maybe a very thin dc motor under 5mm thick. The conditions will be that the cassette sprocket is continuously turning while in operation, so the generator can rely on constant kinetic energy. 3.3V seems to be the lowest voltage acceptable to AVR MCUs.

My idea is to make a 'magic' cassette tape that will play procedural electronic music whenever you put it into a cassette player. Take it out, turn it over, and it plays something different. Ideally it would take power from the turning of the mechanism, but a chargeable battery would be ok, but not quite as cool.


rob at mintmedia.co.nz

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