[Discussion] How does one use the supercool new jukebox software?

Ed Maker at ClubEd.com
Wed Feb 8 20:50:05 NZDT 2012

It was two things, one I dind't realise that "jukebox" actually meant 
the physical version, found in the pokie machine. Secondly, Carl found 
an unplugged plug inside said jukebox - was that the amp plug you meant? 

On 08/02/12 18:58, Jaco van der Merwe - Workshop Enterprises Ltd. wrote:
> The Jukebox runs MPD music service.
> When it boots up it should now automatically load an interface; you may
> need to turn the crappy little speakers on inside or plug in the amp on
> the left if it's not already plugged in
> For Android you use MPDroid, for linux you can use GMPC (or sonata).
> You can also access the system via a browser @ http://jukebox on the
> local network
> The system is in the network as "jukebox" (should be
> music drive should be writable over Samba (was when I last tested it)
> Once new music is loaded, you'll need to update the library using the
> client&  then make playlists for your mood.
> More clients available here: http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Clients
> Have fun :)
> - J
> On 12/2/8 18:35 , Ed wrote:
>> I get the Android end of it, but what app(s) am I running on the linux
>> box, and what must I "connect" to when running them? Or are there no
>> tunes on that machine?
>> ta,
>> Ed
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