[Discussion] How does one use the supercool new jukebox software?

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Thu Feb 9 09:57:09 NZDT 2012

 On Thu, 09 Feb 2012 08:22:07 +1300, Jaco - Workshop Enterprises Ltd. 
> The next step in the system's development is:
> * mounting the power button & connectors
> * mounting some semi-decent PC-preakers to it (probably in the top)

 we found some on tuesday, although apparently there is a fault in them 
 somewhere. also, i have some old speakers from various stereos. the idea 
 of those "PC" or "multimedia" speakers is bizarre - they're just 
 speakers, like any other, the re-branding is pointless

> * getting those front-buttons to control the player/interface - 
> haven't
> figured that one out yet

 you could re-purpose an old keyboard with those naff "multimedia" 
 buttons on it - take the keyboard apart, and use the big switches on the 
 front of the pokie machine to replace the switches on the kb.

 if they don't quite work as you want, you can use gnome (presumably 
 kde, xfce also) to re-map the key actions


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