[Discussion] How does one use the supercool new jukebox software?

Jaco van der Merwe - Workshop Enterprises Ltd. workshop.enterprises at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 10:11:00 NZDT 2012

>   we found some on tuesday, although apparently there is a fault in them
>   somewhere. also, i have some old speakers from various stereos. the idea
>   of those "PC" or "multimedia" speakers is bizarre - they're just
>   speakers, like any other, the re-branding is pointless
The idea of PC-speakers are a nice all-in-one "kit" that has the 3.5mm 
stereo jack, built-in pre-amp & volume control.
Ideally I'd be looking for a scuffed set of Logitech 2.1 speakers off TM 
for under, say, $20 (Logitech is the only tech brand I have any kind of 
confidence in - has never failed me)
>   you could re-purpose an old keyboard with those naff "multimedia"
>   buttons on it - take the keyboard apart, and use the big switches on the
>   front of the pokie machine to replace the switches on the kb.
Yip, that was the general idea - I brought in a multimedia keyboard for 
that purpose.
>   if they don't quite work as you want, you can use gnome (presumably
>   kde, xfce also) to re-map the key actions
The jukebox currently boots into skinny X (no window- or 
desktop-manager) & interacts with the input-devices.
It uses GMPC for the interface (GMPC has some great tweaks), which 
allows the controls to be mapped to any key.

Does anyone know whet happened to that flexible keyboard?
I'd like to make use of a smaller keyboard inthe mean-time while 
building the system.

- J

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