[Discussion] How does one use the supercool new jukebox software?

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Thu Feb 9 11:34:44 NZDT 2012

 On Thu, 09 Feb 2012 10:11:00 +1300, Jaco van der Merwe - Workshop 
 Enterprises Ltd. wrote:
>>   we found some on tuesday, although apparently there is a fault in 
>> them
>>   somewhere. also, i have some old speakers from various stereos. 
>> the idea
>>   of those "PC" or "multimedia" speakers is bizarre - they're just
>>   speakers, like any other, the re-branding is pointless
> The idea of PC-speakers are a nice all-in-one "kit" that has the 
> 3.5mm
> stereo jack, built-in pre-amp & volume control.

 ...and i've never heard any that are even vaguely listenable. anyway, i 
 think i've taken us off the point

> Ideally I'd be looking for a scuffed set of Logitech 2.1 speakers off 
> TM
> for under, say, $20 (Logitech is the only tech brand I have any kind 
> of
> confidence in - has never failed me)

 if someone can supply a power adapter, i think there are some old 
 speakers i was given which are floating around my house. i'll have a 

> The jukebox currently boots into skinny X (no window- or
> desktop-manager) & interacts with the input-devices.
> It uses GMPC for the interface (GMPC has some great tweaks), which
> allows the controls to be mapped to any key.

 righto, sounds simple then

> Does anyone know whet happened to that flexible keyboard?
> I'd like to make use of a smaller keyboard inthe mean-time while
> building the system.

 i have one spare that i could donate if you can't find it


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