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Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Wed Feb 22 16:21:07 NZDT 2012

 On Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:53:00 +1300, Jaco van der Merwe - Workshop 
 Enterprises Ltd. wrote:
> Sounds like a sensible approach - that machine was due for a scratch 
> anyway.
> So, set up an unprivileged  guest account (named "guest")  for 
> general
> use & other users with real logins?

 for the general use machine?

 the suggestion was to have one account, no root access. then alan has 
 root access and maintains it in a 'good' state

 the likelihood of people switching account for their use is pretty low, 
 it generally gets used by each person for a web search or two/website 
 update for maybe 10 minutes max. - but i might be wrong. also, I 
 personally wouldn't be prepared to do too much administration on it, 
 there's far more interesting stuff to do at tangle ball.

 for the 'dev' machine from abhishek? maybe one account, with sudo 
 access, password written on the front. use it for anything, be prepared 
 to re-format and install again in 6 months.


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