[Discussion] PRISM break meet followup

Vik Olliver vik at diamondage.co.nz
Tue Jul 2 10:48:52 NZST 2013

On 01/07/13 18:32, Robin Paulson wrote:
> i know someone who is a member, and could probably get an invite from him. but,
> i think riseup does not fix much of the problem. it is still centralised and run
> by a small group (an elite for want, of a better word), and therefore involves
> hierachy and power strucutures, which the anarchist in me says are the real
> problems
Anything centralised or owned has to have a back door when the cops and 
spooks come knocking. Creating centralised services to defeat government 
intrusion and interference is a waste of time.

Vik :v)

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