[Discussion] Kim Dotcom's presentation re expanding NZ spy agency powers Re: PRISM break meet followup

Robin de Haan robin.dehaan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 12:01:58 NZST 2013

> The really scary part is that as long as most people get their Sky and
> McDogburger, they don't care at all.

Yes, but if they understood the implications they actually might care. This
very short article explains it succinctly:
or simply click here
and strap yourself in to follow someone's (volunteered) details. And this
is just from a cell phone number. Under Key's vision, all communications,
data and personal information is up for grabs.

Anyway, Kim Dotcom gave his speech:
Key 'questions' him at the end. I can't believe Key's sheer lack of
understanding and raw ideological blinkers in comparing voluntary file
sharing between individuals to the non-consensual privitisation of our
personal information!

With the changes Key wants to implement, the GCSB is effectively handed
unrestrained power to spy on a silver platter. Given how broadly they
interpreted the current legislation prohibiting syping on
well, just spy on NZers, imagine how far they'll be able to stretch
definitions in Key's proposed legislation that, among other extensive
changes, promotes spying on anyone deemed a "threat" to NZ's “economic
wellbeing”. Well, that could pretty much mean anyone questioning NZ
economic policy, privatisation, free trade deals etc. I'm sure that with
only a tiny bit of massage, they could extend it to spy on anyone paying
taxes. After all, NZ relies on taxes for our "economic wellbeing" so we'd
better spy on everyone to make sure they are not a threat!


On 2 July 2013 13:07, Vik Olliver <vik at diamondage.co.nz> wrote:

> On 02/07/13 13:02, Robin de Haan wrote:
> >
> > Kim Dotcom could use his court appearance to further our understanding
> > of the extent of GCSB spying on New Zealanders
> >
> http://gordoncampbell.scoop.co.nz/2013/07/02/gordon-campbell-on-kim-dotcoms-at-parliament-tomorrow/
> The really scary part is that as long as most people get their Sky and
> McDogburger, they don't care at all.
> Vik :v)
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