[Discussion] Tangle Ball and Auckland Libraries collaboration

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Mon Jul 22 22:57:11 NZST 2013

Hi guys,
Barbara, the woman from council who visited the space last Tuesday, has asked if 
Tangle Ball and the libraries could collaborate on anything. I know we can.

I've got three ideas, perhaps some of you could think them through, and/or come 
up with your own.

The first would be to have an open day in the library on Lorne Street, we get 
them to promote it through their channels (web, posters, Facecrack, etc.) and we 
hold the usual events, perhaps also some other things we put some extra effort 
into. If we do this, I think we should invite other community/commons groups we 
are affiliated with: Tumeke of course, DIY Bio, and so on. If it went well, they 
might be even be open to expanding the idea, to more days and possibly more 

The second idea is we get them to fund a community book scanner which we build, 
to digitise their out-of-copyright works. We'd get use of it as well, as would 
the rest of the community. This is something I would be very keen on, as I want 
to build one of these anyway.

The third idea is a more specific event, also at the library. This could be all 
sorts of things, there are lots of groups/meets/projects going on which we could 
easily transplant. I think preferably something which involves collaborative 
learning/doing, and allows visitors to feel they have learned something useful, 
made something or otherwise taken part in something edifying.

I think all of these would get more people to the library, and to tangle ball, 
and more importantly get people looking at something they might not otherwise, 
plus encourage them to collaborate.

So, any ideas, suggestions?

I'd like to talk about this more tomorrow night, so please have a think. Barbara 
was very impressed last week, and wants to do more with the "commons" thing that 
we do, so this sounds like an opportunity not to be missed.

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