[Discussion] Reminder - Meeting this Sunday 11am at Tangleball - Discussion on Revising the Tangleball Constitution Re: Minutes

Robin de Haan robin.dehaan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 09:09:34 NZST 2013

As discuss and re minutes:

> Sunday workshops for  Constitution updates.

11am work for everyone interested?

 In preparation for our upcoming AGM.

What should Tangleball's membership rules be?

What's Tangleball's constitution?

How can we simplify the "Society Rules"?

Meeting this Sunday at 11am to discuss this sort of thing. Abhishek brought
this up on Tuesday.

Also, after this may be a good time to discuss re-arranging and
re-decorating the space. All input welcome.


On 23 July 2013 22:11, Robin de Haan <robin.dehaan at gmail.com> wrote:

> We now have 360 "likes" (members) on facebook. Of which, last week alone
> we had 52 new "likes"!
> Pictures of cute children seem to have had a major impact on our
> burgeoning facebook members. Pictures of cool gadgets seem to have a
> similar effect on a certain demographic.
> 229 people on meetup. 1 down from last week. Weird. However it was being
> read. Perhaps we should upload some more photos there too.
> And last week had the most kids at an openday ever.
> On 23 July 2013 20:03, Max Badran <badran at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2013-07-23  19:03
>> -Fin: 500 NZD  24 M. Weeks. 2 weeks above the line.
>> -Open day was awesome. Thanks for clean up and Prep Work. Next Open is
>> on the 15th of Sept (Sun).
>> --Need to set a scheduled for the next open day.
>> --Word of Mouth.
>> --Event Finder.
>> --Facebook.
>> --Raffle failed.
>> --TangleBall Google calendar was not up to date.
>> -Neighbors Garage Bin. Someone dumped a Bathroom in our bins, and into
>> the neighbors bins.
>> -They also asked people not to go into their Garage.
>> -Tumeke: Safety Sheets. Tool usage. Safety. Guide lines on tool sharing
>> and usage.
>> -Label Tools for training.
>> -Damaged Tools: Files clogged with aluminum.
>> -Rented out chill room / library room to a little girl. 0 NZD/week. (not
>> actually rented)
>> -Chair, unknown origin or status.
>> -Membership/contacting interested folks. Need to contact Jeremy about
>> issue. We need to figure out who is a member and not a member on the
>> AGM. Sunday workshops for  Constitution updates. We need to figure out
>> the TangleBall Assets before the AGM.
>> -Refurbishment: Possible meeting on Sunday (around morning to mid-day)
>> about space update.
>> -Robin Paulson Library Makerspace in Central Library. Talk about
>> possible collaboration.
>> -Event at club 1885, in August similar to first Thursdays Seeking people
>> to take part.
>> -Hack the meeting: Shorten the meeting, get the shorter topics out
>> through.
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