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Robin de Haan robin.dehaan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 23:25:05 NZST 2013

Hi All,

At Tangleball today we discussed the more technical aspects of the Socities
Act, and how we can get organised for the AGM. This coming week Calvin,
Jeremy and Brian are sorting out our membership list.

Overall, no one has a problem with the collaborative way we're making day
to day decisions at Tangleball. However there's a bit of consternation that
it's not in accordance with the rules we submitted to the Companies Office.
To this end, we're trying to do two things:

1. Simplify "The Rules" we give to the Companies Office and resubmit them.

2. Develop some "House Rules" that better reflect the way TB actually runs
and works.

All before the Tangleball AGM on Tuesday the 5th of November where we'll
vote on them.

First though, there's a suggestions we discuss Tangleball's vision, or
mission, before we try to write up how we do things into rules. How about
we discuss this 'basic manifesto' next Tuesday after the meeting?

Robin d
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