[Discussion] Existing Tangleball rules - does anyone have a copy? Is a copy online somewhere?

Robin de Haan robin.dehaan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 13:27:46 NZST 2013

Hi Everyone,

The official Companies Register rules for Tangleball are
I'm not sure if that link is permanent).

*Does anyone have these rules in an editable format?* (i.e not a pdf image)

I've already looked through emails and on the TB wiki.

This Sat at 3pm, Abhishek and I suggest that we try to simplify these rules
in a way that satisfies the Companies Office, while also allowing for
further "house rules" (that actually reflect our week to week decision
making process) and a broader TB constitution.

That's why an editable copy would be useful.

I also happened to stumble across a wiki page on our "Constitutional
(Abhishek wrote?) that may be of interest.

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