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Calvin Rainey spielburg99 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 16:01:51 NZST 2013

Just wondering..... to quote JFK, "Just to clarify"

>>-saturday meeting is good.

It is a good meeting?, or it is a good idea to have them on saturday?

>> -Thursday board game night every week for

For?????? ever????  for us ??? now?

>> --can Robin P please also inform Tumeke

Inform them of...., the paint thing?

>>-offer suggestions if the person feels like it, not go around the
meeting person to person

What suggestions are we talking about offering people?

Cheers CK.

On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 7:44 PM, Cheng Eu Chew <renedox at gmail.com> wrote:

> attendents: Wayne, Fergus, Nevyn, Melissa, Carl, Ed, Oren, Joe, Gary,
> Max, Robin dH, Thomas, Cheng, Robin P
> not attending: everyone else
> chair: Thomas
> guides: Max, Nevyn, Robin P
> minutes: Cheng
> accounts
> -$2 above blue line of survival
> -water bill 15:14
> announcements
> -saturday meeting is good
> -Robin P talked to people from the library, they were excited
> -Thursday board game night every week for
> -Robotics workshop every Wednesday night for all of September: 19:00
> -Please do not use glassware or kitchen equipment for paint
> --how do we tell people above rules/recommendations?
> --can Robin P please also inform Tumeke
> -Tangleball's "sponsor" is visiting and would like help with building
> a rabbit hutch
> -Nevyn cleaned the toilets
> -Shower drainage is not plumbed properly, do not use for now
> --We need to check drainage and be sure shower works
> -there is a mouse
> open day
> -Tumeke is invited, they have suggested a bike spring clean day so
> bring your bike
> -Wayne has borrow some screen printing screens for people to use
> -Robin dH to make an Eventfinder account for Tangleball
> --Robin dH also to create open day event
> -Robin dH to also create Facebook
> -boat should still be available on the open day
> computer bench renovation
> -Robin dH has drawn plans, asking people for input
> AuckLUG
> -event successful, more similar events should be encouraged
> Eduardo
> -is a graffti artist
> -would like to paint the space
> -want to split canvas between Tumeke and Tangleball
> -http://www.ebruzzi.com/
> -http://www.flickr.com/photos/blemgraff
> enhancements board
> -does anyone have a problem with the board
> -suggest that people actually carry out the enhancements
> hack the meeting
> -keep announcement to announcements
> -offer suggestions if the person feels like it, not go around the
> meeting person to person
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