[Discussion] tangle ball and libraries meeting minutes from last week

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Wed Sep 4 17:00:01 NZST 2013

hi all,
here are the minutes from last week's meeting at auckland libraries, as 
taken by the meeting organiser Hamish.

there was more said than what's written down here. for instance, the 
first point is not entirely what i said...


Hi All,

Here are the minutes that I got down during our meeting with Tangleball.

Date: 26/8/13

 From Tangleball: Ed Aretino, Max Badran, Nevyn Hira, Abhishek Reddy, 
Robin Paulson

 From Auckland Libraries: Baruk Jacob; Barbara Garriock; Kate Roberts; 
Danielle Carter; Nick Monks;  Nick Ward; Liz Morris; Kerryn Olsen; Carol 
Augustine; Nicholas Carman; Marilyn Portman

Robin pointed out that safety is the only reason for them to intervene 
with someone's activities at Tangleball; otherwise people can do what 
they want

Activities have been diverse - screenprinting, homebrew, a library of 
games and a gaming group, etc.

Pointed out that the Library makerspace would not be in competition with 
Tangleball, it would be a partner for collaboration

Decisions about resourcing are made collectively, by consensus, in the 
regular Tuesday meetings (e.g. if someone wants to use part of the 
workspace for an extended period, this has to be agreed to by members at 
the meeting, length of time and resourcing must be well defined)

Interactions primarily done face to face, with mailing list used for 
electronic communications where necessary

Members can band together to buy tools, e.g. four people who all want a 
router can split the cost

Discussion about 3D printers: a 3D printer that is cheap to buy will be 
high maintenance, and will need repairs from time to time; Robyn pointed 
out that according to a maker point of view, this is an opportunity to 
learn how something works, more than a resource cost; members could 
engage with repairing rather than staff.

With Regards to what resources(tools) to put in the room, Tangleballers 
emphasised that this should be decided by the members, not guesswork 
done by staff.

Regular meeting could be set up to develop a community around the 
Central Library makerspace, similar to the regular Tangleball meeting; 
members could provide tools and other resources (raw materials), aswell 
as library.

Large amount of donated materials, no donations accepted without 
approval because of large volume of donations



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