[Discussion] Auckland library maker space launch: 2nd - 3rd November

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Tue Sep 10 23:40:08 NZST 2013

hi all,
i got this message from the libraries today, there is now a launch date 
for their maker space, see below for more info. 2nd - 3rd november is a 

Hamish and Baruk will also be visiting the open day on Sunday, so be 
prepared to talk to them if you have an idea of something to 


Hey Robin,

Baruk and I will be coming to this, as mentioned we are opening our 
Makerspace with an event, 11am-3pm, 2-3 November, and are looking for 
people to display and run makey activities for people to try out, and 
also for people to run maker workshops in our space once it is open, so 
we might talk to some of the people at the open day about their 
participation in the above, if that's cool.



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