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    French: Panoramix ("panoramic" or "wide view" or "he who sees everything") 
— in most European translations this name is used, including Bulgarian, Dutch, 
Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Slovene, Spanish, Indonesian, Czech, 
Slovak and Greek.
    In English, the name is a pun on "getting a fix" — obtaining a dose of a 
recreational drug, and a reference to the magic potion he produces; the phrase 
can also mean to perceive or to get a solid sense of something. In the short-
lived American version of the series, he was called Magigimmix ("magic 
gimmicks"). He was called Readymix (the name of a British cement firm) in 
newspaper comics during the 1970s, as Getafix was considered inappropriate for 
children. In the English version of the Asterix the Gaul film, he has been 
called Panoramix.

    In German, he is known as Miraculix, from Latin miraculum ("miracle)".
    In Serbian, he is known as Аспириникс (Aspiriniks), from the drug Aspirin.
    In Croatian, he is known as Čudomiks, from čudo ("miracle") and miks 
    In Finnish, he is Akvavitix, from "akvavit", a Scandinavian distilled 
beverage (derived from Aqua vitae).
    In Frisian, his name is Crudemix, "Cruden" being herbs and spices, his 
name thus means "Spice mix".
    In Esperanto, he is Miraklomiks, from miraklo ("miracle") and mikso 
    In Turkish, his name is Büyüfiks (büyü meaning "magic"). Previously, it was 
Hokusfokus, from the magic word Hocus Pocus.
    In Hindi, he is हकीम वैधिक्स (Hakeem Vaidhix), Hindi for a "village doctor".
    In Hungarian, he is Magicoturmix, which is a composition of "magic" and 
"shake", thus meaning "Shake of Magic". Actually, this is a reference to the 
potion he is brewing, which gives the villagers their wondrous superhuman 
    In Bengali, he is Etashetamix (এটাসেটামিক্স), meaning "mix this and that".
    In Icelandic, he is Sjóðríkur, roughly meaning "one who boils". In 
comparison, Asterix is Ástríkur, "one who loves".
    In Hebrew, אשפיקס (Ashafix), meaning "master of the craft".
    In Welsh, he is Crycymalix, a pun on the phrase cryd cymalau, which means 
"arthritis" or "rheumatism", referring to his old age.
    In Sinhalese — සිංහල (Vedha Pappa) which means a "druid" or "witch".
    In Malaysia, the English version that was released in the newspapers, he 
was "Medix" due to the strict laws in the country against drug abuse.
    In Russian, he is Починикс (Pochinix), meaning "he who repairs things". 
The name was translated from the English version, not the French, but the pun 
about "getting a fix" was lost in translation.


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