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The laser printer is from a friend - Nik. I am giving it to Tangleball on
the condition that it does not get hacked and is used as intended: as a
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> Chair: Wayne
> Accounts:$305 collected
> Previous Minutes: Seen and approved
> Announcements
> OpenDay: Sunday the 15th- This week!
> 3d printer working
> Agenda
> Theatre sports rule: Nevin is concerned with "blocking" behaviours, a
> theatre sports term. We should think about what kind of culture we are
> cultivating. Creative pursuits require a different social environments than
> technical pursuits to thrive. We don't want projects or ideas dead in the
> water before they're given time to emerge from the "fuzzy front end". Try
> to be aware of your disposition
> Cleaning- 5 mins after the meeting
> Beer- Where is it? We have half a crate gone in the space of a week,
> bottles and all. Thomas says that it may be games night, when everybody has
> apparently been taking one or two beers... Somebody needs to pay Wayne back.
> Roller door safety- People have been free-wheeling the door, and there has
> been a reminder to be careful
> Fire safety- Rocket stove next to cars has been highlighted
> Alternative website hosting- The website Max has been building is looking
> good but we have had problems getting into the current hosting... We have
> had the suggestion of changing the hosting, Robin P can host. We should
> come back to this
> Discrimination- we had a visitor who was flinging racial slurs around, we
> may need to make our allegiance to principles of human rights more
> explicit, ie. Poster or something as well as taking personal responsibility
> to address these  issues  as they arise
> Tools donation from Martin Keely- Jigsaw on a table, drill press and other
> bits and pieces. We are certainly interested, Abhishek will be keeping us
> up to date
> Suggestion to build a rabbit hutch for open-day- Putting out a call for
> approx 5m2 of chicken wire
> Vik ? Has a laser printer, with toner even! Offered on the proviso that it
> is  not hacked
> What are we working on?
> Garry- Robotics Workshop was a success ….Tumbling (?) robot is
> now working/ break-dancing around the place
> New print head arrived and working well on the Mendel
> Ed:  Trying to finish Jenga! Pink treated timber stays pink when
> sanded   ; (     The pink runs deep.
> ...
> Sorry, interrupted at this point- hopefully somebody can fill in
> the blanks?.  End of minutes
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