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tonight's minutes, forwarded from nevyn, forwarded from thomas.

as an addendum, the library maker space launch date is the 2nd/3rd of 

did anyone get the street address for the bench? i think it was 9 
montrose street, but i'm not 100% sure

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$687 for this week, above the limit
letter from the water company, we will now pay at least 197 if we manage
to get the lowest rate.

Nevyn let the rat escape.

Open day: good. Bryan should post open day videos online.

Ask Sergei if he wants shelving space.

Making potential members feel welcome: make newcomers feel better at
meetings by letting them introduce themselves and explaining how the
meetings work. 

Funds for open days, coin collections. Wayne paid $30 for food for this
one (and that was plenty of food enough).

Library Opening day 2nd/3rd, the library is launching their makerspace
that week-end and would like it if we could come present some of our
-video kaleidoscope
-thomas' car
-possibly RPi?
-spoon catapults
-Melissa's boat?
  -Make trash sculptures

Thank you anonymous donator for capacitors/resistors.

Workbench to go check out in Point Chev for picking up. Robin will take
pictures this week.

Saturday meeting.

Wednesday night robotics.

Thursday night games.


What the world needs now, is love sweet love

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