[Discussion] meeting minutes, 2013-09-24

Jaco van der Merwe - Workshop Enterprises Ltd. workshop.enterprises at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 07:13:07 NZST 2013

> 9. New wifi password being set tonight. This password will be written in
> the same place as it currently is. Please do not post it to the internet
> (mailing list, facebook etc.)
Just an observation - posting the new password where the old one is 
(IIRC) will have it posted on FB anyway - OpenDays pics, etc.

I suggest that a QR code be used for quick loading along with SSID & pwd 
(this works very well with my clients), pasted to the bottom of the 
That way it's out of sight but still easily accessible.
Not an ideal or 100% secure fool-proof best-practice, but a measured 

something like:

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