[Discussion] the rules discussion, last saturday, and this coming saturday

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Mon Sep 30 01:05:57 NZDT 2013

hi all,
there was an interesting discussion on saturday, about 8 people showed 
up. we talked about how to write a rule which sets out limits on what 
can be done with the resources tangle ball owns and controls. we were in 
broad agreement, although did not progress beyond that. i think we got 
sidetracked, and we didn't finish it off. next week i'd like to see us 
focus on one area, whatever it us doesn't necessarily matter, although 
personally i think it should be something high level.

that said, it appears to me the most obvious place to start would be 
with something which states how we relate to each other as people, the 
rights we have, the things which are forbidden, etc. so, i wrote this:

Tangle Ball and its members recognise and support "x", and condemn any 
action which is in contravention to the wording and spirit of "x". Any 
behaviour which conflicts with the Rights set out in "x" will not be 
permitted within Tangle Ball, or in any way which is deemed to be 
associated with Tangle Ball *. Any action which does so may result in 
expulsion, court trespass order, suspension of access to Tangle Ball 
and/or its resources, and any other action(s) as deemed appropriate by 
the members or Committee of Tangle Ball.

where "x" is a declaration of human rights which we construct, or 
possibly some already existing human rights declaration - there are lots 
around by various government, non-profits, etc. which we choose can be 
dealt with separately to the wording of the above. wayne suggested "x" 
be the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1], 
although i'm not entirely sure about that. it's mostly good, there are a 
few things I disagree with though.

* by the second part of this sentence, i'm trying to cover for events 
which are outside the Tangle Ball building, but which are still 
associated with Tangle Ball. So, for example, our actions and those of 
visitors at the upcoming event at the Library should be covered by the 
same rules.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Declaration_of_Human_Rights

could we talk through this on saturday, unless someone has another idea 
they think particularly important?


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