[Discussion] thicknesser/planer

PhoneOf Ed phoneofed at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 16:00:35 NZDT 2018

As a representative of the humans who live upstairs (THWLU), I would like
to request the removal of this demonic device. Its noise is unlike all the
others, and has a special way of murdering would-be pleasant Sundays. I
believe Jason took it home for a bit to finish up his stuff, which was
wonderful (cheers for that), but someone new has been going hard on it

I'll put this up for discussion on Tuesday, but please do consider it and
feel free to offer suggestions, while keeping in mind that it's not the day
of the week or time of day that's especially relevant, but just the sheer
loudness, the type of sound, and that it typically gets used for long
periods time.

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