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Meeting minutes, 2018-10-30

facilitator: Ed
minutes: Wayne
board operator: Jort


$258 collected, 18 membership weeks.  Rent and internet bills due this week.

Actions from last week:

Make lists of things and how they will be handled:
Power tools - Wayne
Books - Jort
Tables and chairs - Jort
Everything else?

List made and posted on the wiki

Wednesday workshop, 31 October hosted by Jort.
22 January, Annual General Meeting

Quick Announcements

General Discussion

The door card reader is not working.  Ed.
Wayne checked the connections and says it seems to have given up the
ghost.  Need another usb card magnetic strip card reader.

Can we please get rid of the planer or make it a take-home only item. Ed.
As the planer is a members personal property (not Tangleballs), it should
not be taken out of Tangleball without the owners permission.  Suggestion
is approaching the owner and asking him to remove it or allow borrowing.

Landlord has requested that we tidy up the ramp/electronics/meeting area
with priority to help show prospective tenants around. Ed
We agree in principle and looked at what could be done.  It would be
helpful to know which sewing machines work, and if anyone wants the
overhead projectors.

Long Discussion

What's this thing
The old fridge.  Anyone want it of know how to get rid of it?

Hat List
Tanglebuilding $289.60
Dust extractor: $156.55

Weekly general meeting
Nothing this week.

Meeting Review
It was a productive meeting.
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