Etiquette of Working in Shared Spaces

Nonprofit community groups always offer an opportunity for creatives to work in shared spaces. This is a good plan since it allows for more comfortable networking and socialising. If you are a creative working in an open area, you must adhere to the etiquette that makes the work environment acceptable to the people around you. Some of the rules you should stick to are as follows.


Do not leave traces of dirt around you. Think about the person who is seated next to you, and the ones who will be coming to use the desk after you have left. Keep things clean, including computers, desk, floor, and apply general hygiene rules.

You should keep scents such as perfume to the minimum to avoid distressing people with allergies. You should also take regular baths and maintain oral hygiene.


Unless it is time for socialising, you should be sensitive to the people who are working. Creative people prefer to be in a silent zone where they can think through ideas without getting interrupted. Excuse yourself when making personal calls, and find a separate place to have personal meetings.


To allow everyone a fair chance to work, you should stick to the scheduled time. Do not overstretch your stay and inconvenience the person who is supposed to be taking over from you. If you plan on staying longer than expected, make sure that you communicate in advance and seek permission so that you do not come off as rude.

Personal Boundaries

The most annoying behaviour among people who are working in shared spaces is those who cannot respect personal boundaries. Do not touch or take things that do not belong to you, unless the owner has given permission. Keep away from personal conversations that do not concern you, and avoid making offensive comments about the people around you.