How Non Profit Community Groups Boost Creativity

The biggest challenge that people who are in the creative business have is keeping the creativity going. There are days and moments when even the most creative person will be blanketed by the overwhelming creativity block that might be hard to overcome. Nonprofit community groups that bring creatives together can help in boosting creativity by the following methods.

Inviting a Motivational Speaker

Sometimes, all you need to spark some creativity is to listen to someone who can tell you of the challenges they faced in their journey and how they overcame the struggles. Motivational speakers can be drawn from different sectors, and they can address many topics about various areas of specialisation.

Planning Events and Activities

A break can go a long way in making people more creative. If you face a block in your creative juices and you need to keep things flowing, you should consider taking a break and engaging in activities such as playing online games or socialising, among other activities that will distract you and make you think more clearly. Community groups can organise such activities.

Mentorship Sessions

Community groups can plan to have several mentorship sessions where they pair up people of different talents and capabilities to talk and encourage each other to keep creating. The members of the club can give assignments and prompt that are meant to keep members on their toes and wake them from a creativity lull.


Going to a retreat out of town can expose people in the creative industry to a space where they can get more creative. For instance, they can raise funds and take a trip to go to a camp whose main objective is to strengthen some creative projects that they want to embark on. The retreats can be to a scenic place that helps to connect you to the inside urge to keep creating.