How to Get the Most From a Shared Space for Creativity

Non-profit community groups where space is shared always offer opportunities for creative ideas. You can learn a lot from such groups if you find yourself with the right people who share the same vision. Some of the ways to reap the most benefits from such groups are as follows.

Talk to People From Different Fields

Do not restrict your interactions with people from one area of creativity. Talk to people of different fields so that you get to understand some of the gains they are making, and some of the challenges they are facing. For instance, if you are passionate about writing, you should reach out to actors in the groups so that you can find ways of working together.

Be Willing to Listen

One of the mistakes that creatives make is that they think they are the best in their fields, and get frustrated when other people give them feedback for their work. If you are working from a shared space, you should be open to getting feedback. You do not have to take in all the advice you are given, but at least take time to listen to what other people have to say.

Be Disciplined With Your Attendance

You have to keep up and attend most of the meetings that are organised. This not only shows seriousness but also helps you keep up with the trends on what is happening in the world of creativity. A shared space might mean learning how to work with people with different personalities and interests. Still, you also need to have a plan and purpose of attending scheduled meetings and activities.

Share Your Knowledge and Experience

A shared space is not just about taking from other creatives. You should also be willing to share your experiences so that you are useful to the people around you. Be prepared to talk, provide mentorship and do collaborations with the other members.