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General guidelines for the use power tools.

  • When in doubt, ask! There's no shame in not knowing & learning.
  • Fear is your friend. Keeps you alert. The moment you stop being afraid, is when you get cocky & "bad things" happen.
  • Be mindful of repetitive work, as this leads to a kind of mindlessness trance & mishaps. Always pay attention & beware distractions. (ref: repetitive action trance "Automacy")
  • Do not use while tired or intoxicated.
  • Many tools do not have "Dead Man's Switches", so in the event if a catastrophic accident, it won't stop.
  • Do not use alone or unsupervised, unless very skilled; at leas not initially. Even if experienced, it's still a good idea (like swimming in the sea).
  • Keep all dangly bits well clear - ties, long hair, loose clothing, etc.
  • MAKE SURE CHUCKS HAVE BEEN REMOVED, or risk a projectile embedded in soft bits, even across the room. (compared to metal, most things are soft)
  • Keep the work-area well clear of any debris, dust, trip-hazards, walk-ways, etc. A slip, trip or bump can have very unhealthy consequences.
  • Keep your tools sharp & oiled! Blunt implements lead to pushing or forcing, lead to slips lead to power-assisted accidents
  • Clean up after yourself. It's a health & safety thing, plain & simple.

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