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An installfest! An opportunity for people, members and non-members, experienced and inexperienced, to engage in a social environment, tinker with computers and software. Also an opportunity to get assistance with any problems on existing hardware and software (mainly open source, such as Firefox, Ubuntu, OpenOffice, etc.) from other participants.


  • To meet other like-minded people
  • To play and tinker with machines in a manner you wouldn't likely do otherwise.
  • Don't be afraid to break something inadvertently.
  • To learn abut the computers and software you use on a daily basis.


The TangleBall Venue - 27 Edinburgh street, Newton, Auckland


Saturday 12th February (2011-02-12), from approximately 11am until roughly 3pm


Anyone is welcome! The Operating System of choice is likely to be Ubuntu, but other Linux distributions will possibly be covered. Some machines *do* have windows OEM stickers, but support will not be provided in this environment, unless it's forthcoming from other participants.

-- I will be able to attend and provide support for the ArchLinux distribution :Bryan Baldwin [2011-02-09 2:28PM]

There will be lots of opportunities to ask for help - from other participants, knowledgeable users, event organisers, etc. Don't let a lack of knowledge prevent you from coming

  • Presented/Facilitated by: Jaco
  • HOW MUCH: voluntary Koha.

There is no fee associated with this workshop, but we do ask participants to contribute 'Koha' to keep the space (& future projects/workshops) going. At the end of the session, participants are able to purchase systems at a reasonable cost, or TB will sell some systems online (possibly TradeMe) to raise funds. Sales of systems provided by Jaco (@ Workshop Enterprises) are to be split 50-50, so as to cover any overheads incurred.


There are a number of computers (about 20 working machines at last count) and components to build or repair systems. Some may require additional inspection or testing.

Basic system (a.k.a. "the box") is provided, but there is a shortage of accessories, such as keyboards, monitors and mice, power-boards, and power and network cables. We have a small number available, but participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own if possible.

If you have your own computer and would like help with something, or want to know what this Linux thing is, come along and join in.

HOW - not essential, but if you want to know more, here's the fine details


A pretty casual environment, people can bring their own system, or play with ours (see requirements below). Participants are encouraged to interact & assist each other, and to try something new. There will be plenty of opportunity to "hurry-up & wait" between installation steps, so a sideline BBQ could be set up as a "distraction"

Hardware Inspection

NOTE:Machines & components are provided "as-is", with no guarantee, implied or otherwise (in fact, some machines or components may not be operational, or be buggy). It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that the machines & components are functioning as expected, and swap out parts to be able to participate.

Open & inspect the system, to ensure that all components are present & connected for proper functioning of a system:


  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard-drive
  • Network card
  • CD/DVD drive
  • USB ports
  • Power supply
  • Internal Cabling


  • Power
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Networking

System Preparation


For personal systems that require assessment, please ensure that all appropriate backups have been made in advance.

A simple slip-up, such as an innocent typo, could have unforeseen, unwanted & irreversible consequences.

TangleBall, the facilitators and/or participants cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of data.

The basic assumption is that these systems will be set up from scratch.

  • Boot & reset/configure BIOS configuration
  • Boot from USB or optical media
  • Format HDD & install system

Some participants may bring their own system, and want to complete their system as a dual-boot configuration (a safer suggestion then would be to disconnect the existing HDD & install to a new disk), or install to a VM. This needs to be arranged in advance for accommodation.


Participants can bring an operating system along they'd like to install or redistribute. A local cache of software will be provided on the LAN, so as to speed up installations, and reduce internet download.

Operating Systems

There are a number we will be primarily be looking at

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu & variants, such as:
    • Kubuntu
    • Mint
    • Moon OS
    • ..... please make suggestions

Other Operating Systems

Whcih we may possibly talk about/look at

  • Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • OpenSUSE
  • Mandriva
  • PuppyLinux
  • Gentoo
  • Arch
  • Damn Small Linux (DSL)
  • PFSense, or another firewall
  • *BSD
    • ..... please make suggestions


Check that the systems' basic functionality is OK, browse around and get to know the layout.

This is the opportunity to install some applications. This will also be the stage where you can setup the system for different tasks:

  • Firewall
  • Desktop Workstation
  • Media Centre
  • Project driver
  • some sort of server
  • Combinations of the above

Play some games?


Machines (completed or W.I.P) will be for sale at the end of the session; cost by negotiation.

For additional help with installed machines, participants are encouraged to engage with the local Auckland Linux Users Group (AuckLUG). Jaco from Workshop Enterprises provides commercial support, should there be a need

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