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Martial arts is for people of all ages; it is a way to better ourselves mentally, physically, and if you so choose, spiritually. All around the world, people practice martial arts for many different reasons but, what is it that makes martial arts so fascinating and fun? How can you use it to better your daily life?

Tangleball is hosting a martial arts workshop which will be split up in to three sessions on the 9th of April with the first session starting at 16:00. Whether you are a complete beginner, professional, veteran, somewhere along that spectrum, or even in your own spectrum, come along!

The session schedule and content is as follows:

Session one: theory and philosophy of martial arts

Session one starts at 16:00.

  • How martial arts came about.
  • Why practice martial arts.
  • How martial arts work.
    • Evolution of martial arts.
  • Differences in art styles.
    • Difference between internal/external arts.
  • Diminishing strength of martial arts over the years.

Session two: basic techniques and self defense

Session two starts at 17:00

  • Warm ups.
  • Stretches.
  • Stance/Stances.
  • Punches.
  • Kicks.
  • Blocks.

Session three: secrets of martial art techniques and execution

Session three starts at 18:00

  • Martial arts and magic - the correlation.
  • Simple physics in martial arts.
  • Defending against a knife/gun/weapon.
  • Getting strength from simple body movement/placement.
  • Martial arts in everyday tasks.

The pricing is $10 a session or $20 for all three.

Please make your attendance known before the day so appropriate organisation can take place, also, please make all payments directly in to the Tangleball account.

Do note that if you are coming with any intention to cause harm to anyone, you will be turned down and asked to leave - this is not what martial arts is about. Keep in mind that proper execution of technique requires practice and these sessions are intended for those who have an interest in martial arts as a hobby or general health.

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