Meeting 14-8-2012

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Time & Place

  • Title: Tangleball Auckland Meeting
  • When: Tuesday, 14th August 2012 at 7:00pm
  • Where: 27 Edinburgh Street, Newton

The first part is an administrative meeting, until 7:30. At 7:30, we talk about fun stuff like projects. All are welcome to either.


We are doing ok with funds

Open Day

Around 5 new people turned up

Photos to be uploaded soon

Bubble machine, huge success

Catapults were great

Choko chips not done

Video from Brett not done

Jacobs laddder toy not done

Saturdays we feel are better overall

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner doesn't suck too well

Call out to anyone with a vacuum cleaner

Rob doing a call oyut to Free Cycle

Grease Gun

Still want?

Give to Super Trash

Black Container

Not labelled, and not here

Augurs Stuff

Was put into recycling bin, why?

Augur very angry!

Still don't know what happened to the black box

Boxes laying about

Named and unnamed is causing conern, a better organisational system needs to be addressed


Start using the tumblr site

Time to put the link to the main link

Waynes' Rant

Saw dust pile and everywhere else

Permanent maker on his table saw bench - by Robin De Haan

Beer put into fridge too early - by Cheng

Nut missing on depth gauge on drop saw, currently a piece of bluetack is being used

Overall, wayne not happy about it all! Spending over a half hour to clean up.


Visitors tomorrow

School teachers coming for a look around

Rubbish bins

Rant - before anyone leaves the space, empty the bins!

Chilly bin + rocks

Ed is wanting chilly bins

Ed is also wanting aggreagtes for his bedroom modification

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