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Time & Place

  • Title: Tangleball Auckland Meeting
  • When: Tuesday, 19th July, 7pm
  • Where: 27 Edinburgh Street, Newton

The first part is an administrative meeting, until about 8pm

At 8pm, we talk about/show projects we are working on, would like help with, or want to demo.

If you have not visited before, and would like to suggest a project, ask for help or tell Tangleball what you are doing, this is probably the best time to visit.

All are welcome to either.



  • Refunds for Calvin, for
    • we are in a better state now so can we afford to pay this?
    • or do we cancel it - how many people have we actually attracted through
    • lots of people come via meetup; abhishek is now the "organizer" and Tangleball's group account is covered indefinitely ("organizers" on meetup are entitled to 3 groups)
  • BBQ for the open day?
  • Can we get any more zine-related events for the day?
    • Tessa wants to hold the comic drawing workshop the following Sunday
  • There are two facebook groups. which are we using? how do we close/lock the other - it's extra work to maintain two?
  • A makerbot
    • someone (after barcamp) has offered to purchase a makerbot privately but give it a permanent home at tangleball
    • they want priority access to it, and might want help building the kit
    • anyone else may be able to contribute too, like the kinect pool we did previously
  • Insurance/liability
    • by now, at least 3 people have inquired about our insurance and liability coverage/protection
    • they are considering tangleball as a serious opportunity to host their projects but are concerned about insurance and having liability arrangements in writing
  • Barcamp review
    • it was cool
    • lots more interest, buzz, followers, etc
    • offers of support, advice, collaboration
      • angel investment suggestion
      • Personal Best from around the corner might visit
      • people following on twitter, meetup and presumably fb


Tangleball Minutes

  • account - how many members or how much exposure we get? How many of the 90 come?

Calvin has been sent bill for next one - been paid up, has been reimbursed with shirts for printing. Should we be paying for this as it is a Tangleball expense? ... We are all sorted. In 6 months bring this up as an agenda.

  • Spoken to a guy in Wellington about making a creative maker space group/national event listing

- But we don't want to share the account - no sub grouping ie if you are in auckland you get notifications for everywhere

  • BBQ for the open day? Yes.
    • potatoes for vegetarians, sausages etc
    • Tessa bringing baking.
    • Calvin has bought sausages for this already (form last open day)
  • Can we get more zine related events at Tangleball?
    • Yes - comics workshop on Sunday - Zinefest side related event. $50 event venue hire fee to go to Tangleball. $100 from24 hour zine making challenge was put in Tangleball account yesterday.
  • Page or group on facebook?
    • -not kill off the group just yet but we should move things towards the page to eventually get rid of the group as it will get depreciated by facebook.
  • google+ - we have a page now.
  • Makerbot - someone is donating a maker bot?
    • Jeremy!
    • Has no spare time, happy to donate it but would like to keep it legally under his business and depreciate it etc.
    • Wayne suggests he houses it here but still owns it (like Wayne's drills)

Are there people here who are happy to build it? - yes

  • Insurance what is our stance.
    • to put on agenda: quotes on contents insurance
  • Barcamp was cool.
    • Around 50 people showed up to our talk. Yay.
  • Tangleflyer - can we do one please? Can we put flyers outside so that when people walk past they can find out about us?
  • Cleo wants written consent for painting on the wall. Ed will talk to the landlord. Cheng will write consent form.
  • First Thursdays
  • IDEAS:
    • getting steam punk people involved
    • get the mural thing up and going
    • scavenger hunt idea that we had pitched before
    • LARPers?
  • New version of the website - has been worked on. Drupal site. Working gallery.
    • BBQ
    • Zine workshop
    • Rob - tshirt printing
    • making letters for tangleball out of MDF
    • Creche/play-pen in the lounge to keep little ones safe/seperate
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