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Time & Place

  • Title: Tangleball Auckland Meeting
  • When: Tuesday, 26th July, 7pm
  • Where: 27 Edinburgh Street, Newton

The first part is an administrative meeting, until about 8pm

At 8pm, we talk about/show projects we are working on, would like help with, or want to demo.

If you have not visited before, and would like to suggest a project, ask for help or tell Tangleball what you are doing, this is probably the best time to visit.

All are welcome to either.



  • Collaborative writing was a success - 6 people showed up, 6 stories were written. It will be a regular event, every other Thursday, 6:30pm - 9:30pm. Next meet is Thursday 4th august. you can read the stories at: [1]
  • CK Moved the big resin cable drum in off the street (after backing into it, BUGGER!!). Could this become part of an interactive sculpture for First Thursday? (a giant tricycle or penny-farthing/hypnotic spiral machine or perhaps a time travel device in association with Steampunk LARP) Then a movable work bench.
  • Rune [name of a sculptor and artist] became aware of Tangleball via Tumeke cycle space on Sunday. He is interested in becoming involved with us, he has equipment to loan which we will find useful, he makes sculptures out of found materials. He may be helpful with assisting our idea of being involved in First Thursdays.
  • Reporting first introductory comic drawing workshop was a success, 6 attendees. All reported a general skills increase. ;)
    • when was the comic drawing workshop and will it happen again? if so, could it be publicised on the web, fb, etc.?
  • Emily from Urban Pantry would like to host urban gardening workshops at tangle ball. here are the dates requested (second and fourth saturdays of each month, from 10am - 1pm):
    • Aug 13
    • Aug 27
    • Sep 10
    • Sep 24
    • Oct 8
    • Oct 22
    • Nov 11
    • Nov 26
    • Dec 10
  • Are we ok with this? Emily is also interested in being a member - request has been referred to wayne
    • a quick answer is requested if possible, so promotion can start
  • On the subject of membership, how many people are no longer paying and have keys?
    • Should we try collect back keys from those who no longer pay and give to those who still do?
    • Or (cough) implement the electronic entry system suggested a while back. who's working on this?


Tangleball Minutes

  • Who's taking the minutes? - Alex is taking the minutes
  • There was a discussion about The Giant Resin Cable Spool. The was a faction that described it as Gigantic and Useless. There was another (slightly smaller) faction that suggested it could be used as an outdoor table or water tank stand. To move it to the outside area behind the building would require some Egyptian pyramid building style mass labour.
  • The artist currently known as Rune has apparently left the country.
  • The comic workshop was a success.
  • Emily from Urban Pantry wants to host workshops at TangleBall. The consensus was that yes, that would be lovely. And perhaps she could pay a bond and then be issued with a key.
  • What is the current key situation? Apparently it has been audited and is just fine. There followed a slightly sarcastic discussion of a keyless entry project.
  • Following that was the suggestion that perhaps an insurance quote would be a good idea.
  • The question of Would Tangleball like a bunch of coconut shells? was met with a combination of indifference and bafflement that could be interpreted as a no thank you.
  • How about another open day on Labour day? Yes.


  • We've been offered a large number of used drinking coconuts. does anyone have a use for them?
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