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Meetings are every Tuesday, from 7pm onwards, at Tangleball.

We hold these meetings to generate consensus about new actions and movements within the Tangleball space, and raise any potential issues. Generally there is a formal meeting with a set agenda at 7pm sharp. These are usually over by about quarter past, and just naturally segue into conversations and socialising. It's a bit flippant, but it is a serious space to do all that meta- stuff groups need to do so they can do stuff.


Still Standing Agenda

  • Gilmours raid: there are now some cleaning supplies
  • arbscht's computer is available again

Suggested Procedure

  • Everyone shows up
  • Warmly welcome new comers and people we've told to come to Tuesday meetings cause it's where consensus is made.
  • A round of asking for last minute agenda items
  • Find the squeaky ball, or some other token to indicate one speaker at a time
  • Grab everyone's attention
  • Go through agenda and take some notes
  • Try to keep conversation to an orderly fashion for as long as possible
  • When new items are inevitably added and decorum breaks down, decide when to finish minutes
  • Socialise.

AGM 2013

Past meetings

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