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WHAT: Regular movie night

WHERE: At the TangleBall Venue, on the projector-screen

WHY: Opportunity to raise the 'space's profile, & entice more people to make use of the space

WHO: Anyone is welcome to join, but some younger participants *may* be excluded if content shown is not age-appropriate, unless accompanied by a guardian.

HOW MUCH: Unless stated otherwise, simply a Koha contribution is appreciated.



Similar to a BBQ social event (or could even be coupled with a BBQ), people bring snacks & drinks, & comfy seating, if required.


Dependant on participants & what's available.

Royalty-free & permissible films

(Possibly) Public-domain

  • [Metropolis (1927)]


  • Black Sheep

Peter Jackson

  • Braindead
  • Bad Taste
  • Lord of the Rings
  • King Kong
  • District 9

Additional resources

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