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A photo booth to play with & also rent out to weddings & parties




  • Electronics: hardware interaction & wiring it all up
  • Development & Coding: Making the buttons actually *do* something
  • Woodwork & design: Making it look good & presentable

Resources & Equipment

  • Webcam (√)
  • Proper camera (X)
  • PC (√)
    • Screen (√)
    • Software (...Cheese, Python)
  • Buttons, dials & switches (√)
  • MDF, screws, brackets, etc (√)
    • Lighting (√)
  • Printer (√)
    • Photo-paper (X)
    • Ink/toner (X)

Basic Design


  • This will be no more than a pc set up on a desk. A functional proof of concept of all the basics. A webcam is suitable.
  1. sit down
  2. activate switch (or space bar)
  3. smile :)
  4. take picture
  5. store & display image
  6. print


  • Actual booth built, coin operated, and should probably upgrade to a proper camera. Camera operation can be as simple as a remote switch + monitoring the camera directory for new images. Otherwise some cameras can be controlled via software for full integration (, although it's not as if the user needs to adjust the exposure or turn the flash on & off.
  • Booth design decisions: Full/sturdy booth with bench seating, or minimal + curtain & stools, use the camera flash or light panels, foldable?
  1. As above
  2. Select layout, effects (b&w, add wacky frames, etc)
  3. Limited keyboard control? (For adding names, captions)


  • External slideshow
  • Post to Social Networks/Flickr/Imgur
  • Touch screen interactivity?
  • Sense closed eyes, movement to lessen blur
  • Karaoke

Build Log

References & Resources

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