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Tangleball ( is the Auckland Creative Space, an extension of what is also known as a "HackerSpace" or "MakerSpace" (i.e. a space where people can come together to be creative).

A community-run, shared environment or workshop with shared Resources, for collaborating and working on Projects - technical, artistic, whatever you are interested in.

Although we are still fairly young, we're dreaming BIG. Some of the current projects under-way include:

  • Urban gardening & hydroponics
  • Meeting-place & workshop area for the Tumeke Cycle Space (Community Bike Workshop)
  • 'space's web-profile
  • Periodic Workshops & community activities
  • Screen printing
  • Robotics & Micro-electronics
  • Bee-keeping
  • Any project you would like to start

We have weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings, open to the general public, where anyone is welcome to drop by to "see what the fuss is all about", and possibly get their own group involved.

To see us in action outside out weekly meetings, come visit us at one of our frequent MakerDays (open days); we try & host these every month or two. On these days we showcase projects, work on others, offers some workshop, or assist the public with tasks that they might need a hand with (such as problems they may be having with their computers).

Or simply drop on in for a sausage & bun at the BBQ or a chin-wag.

These days are free & open to all, so bring your families & friends.

People can get reach us via email ( or, twitter (@tangleball), or the website (


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