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These are some of the projects we're working on or dreaming up.



Projects currently being worked on


Currently a W.I.P. See Website for details


Home-made jam

Sustainable Tangle Ball

We would like as much of Tangle Ball to be 'off the grid' as possible
this includes, but is not limited to:

  • electricity
  • water

this page will record what we are doing and how

Feel free to come to a meeting or contact if you would like to join in

The Great Summer Cleanup of 2012

As of January 2012, the space is cluttered with assorted scrap and unclaimed donations (generally old computer hardware and off-cuts of wood/MDF). There will be a one-off cleanup, loading a skip with things to be disposed. However, to minimize the loss of anything that any member (or lender) wants to keep, we will catalogue as best we can everything that is marked for disposal.

Completed, Ongoing and/or Past

Tumeke Cycle Space

Now active, this existing community bike workshop collective has moved into Tangleball to offer a space to come work on your own bike, use the tools, build up a bike from parts and learn/share bike maintenance skills. Tumeke runs a session each Sunday 11am - 3pm. We also fund-raise with a cool bike blended smoothie makers. Visit our website here. Members and casual users welcome.

TCS sign scaled.jpg....Working.jpg

Storage Space

We are working on enclosing the ramp to the underground car-park. This needs to be weather tight and secure and will become the secure storage for Tangleball and Tumeke. We have installed metal & mesh security gates, currently enclosed one side with MDF painted to make it water proof. Still to do, enclose the motorway side to make it waterproof, enclose the barred opening next to the building. Line the gates to make them more weatherproof. Garage 1.jpg....Garage 2.jpg....Garage 3.jpg

Original space after cleaning............................New hinges made for gates.........................................Gates are hung. ....Garage 4a.jpg....Garage 5.jpg

Parking ramp side before enclosure................................................................................After enclosure.

Tool Shadowboards

These were made from found and donated recycled materials. the metal wheeled frame is part of a wheeled clothes frame [the cheap flimsy kind] found on the side of the road, The back board is part of a sheet of MDF donated by a friendly furniture manufacturer. The board was mounted onto the metal frame through holes drilled in the metal with screws [also donated]. The wheel mounting legs were strengthened by the addition of wooden braces. Screws and nails hold the tools in position, plastic tube ends or milk bottle tops act as swivel locks to prevent tools falling off. Shadowboard 1.jpg........Shadowboard 2.jpg

Saw Horses

We have made saw-horses from recycled timber collected. Spacers used by truckers, school renovations [cloakroom rails]. Sawhorse 1a.jpg....Sawhorse 3.jpg

Recycled timber ready to use, plus a saw horse to use as a pattern......................Marked out ready to cut. ....Sawhorse 4.jpg....Sawhorse 7.jpg

Cutting out the spaces for legs...............................................Saving untreated wood chips for bee smoker. ....Sawhorse 8.jpg....Sawhorse 9.jpg

Very recycled timber marked out and drilled for screws........................................Fitted into top ready for permanent attaching.

Beer brewing

Suggested at meeting on 2011-01-11 - several members interested.
Wayne successfully brewed the first batch of beer in Jan 2011 - a tasting night was organised for March.
the second batch, lager, will be brewed in late April/early may

Workshop benches

Workshop benches built from recycled cable drums. We acquired some cable drums from an electrical firm, and are using offcuts of ply to surface the top , and recycled old pallet timber to provide wood to level the base, to make it stable. One is also surfaced with heavy timber, with a metal pipe mounted to the top. This will allow heavy metal plates to be stacked for use as an anvil. These are nearly completed. Cable top1.jpg

Screen printing

(See Launch BBQ)

Screen Printing Workshop

The workshop was a great success, Rob is a great tutor. We learned the skills needed to make our own stencils from paper / card and plastic sheet. we also learned how to make photo emulsion screens and experimented to learn all the tricks of how to apply the ink. People made their own designs and stencils and printed these onto paper, linen and tee shirts, with amazing results. Awesome experience, I hope we can have another one soon to expand our skills.

Stencil 4.jpg....Photo etch 3.jpg....Applying light2.jpg Wash screen 1.jpg....Robot screenn.jpg....Movn screenn.jpg Screen bee.jpg....Printn.jpg....Screennnn.jpg Robot 6.jpg....Emo T.jpg....Tangle pirate3.jpg....Printfn.jpg

Check out youtube vid here[1]


An in-house RepRap (for possible use by the collective)

Ability to use alternative materials:

  • Plastic(s)
    • BioPlastic
    • Recycled plastic (i.e. water/cola bottles)
  • Wax (handy for creating moulds)
  • Chocolate
  • Ice
  • Powders
    • Ceramic

CNC and/or Laser-cutting

Reprad1.jpg ....Rep rrap.jpg....Reprap 01.jpg The Reprap at Tangleball open day.


A DIY top bar hive, up & running, on the roof. See the pics here.

The DIY parts of this project so far include the hive itself (made of found materials and about $6 of purchased bits), a bee smoker (made from a chelsea golden syrup can), and a frame holder/display

Urban gardening & hydroponics

Extremely cost-effective vertical fruit & vegetable hydroponics solution Hydro01.jpg....Hydro02.jpg


Projects we're dreaming up

Planned & Spec'd

Computer Projects

Old & New computer systems, in a variety of functional, semi- & non-functional states, come in & out of the space.

Some ideas of what can be done with them...

Photo Booth

{This could be a nice little money-spinner (revenue-generator) to generate an income for the space.}

A basic photo booth, consisting out of a webcam, old PC & printer.

Other random ideas


Remote-controlled or robotic lawnmower

Freedom Toaster

A FLOSS vending machine


A semi-autonomous 'bot in the space, to fulfil a number of functions

Vending Machine

Old vending-machine available for a fix-em-up & hack: Can Dispenser Fridge Coke Machine boat anchor )

Honeymead, brewery, distillery

Make our own tasty alcoholic beverages, for event & meeting consumption

Re-flow oven

Toaster oven with thermocouple, fan & temp management. vents can be sealed on oven to save power/increase heat.

CnC machine

computerise mill drill



- we have 2 oscilloscopes on-premise; serial interface required

Scavenger Hunt

As a possible marketing exercise, to raise awareness of the 'space & real-world application of some projects. Also a possible good social activity & fund-raising event.

Geo drop

A community project, targeted at the increasing popularity of both Geocaching and Dead Drops. Idea being that anyone can plug in their smartphone and read the contents. Contents being geo coordinates to a geocache or another Cache Drop. Theroretically a GeoDrop is possible.

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