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The Two Golden Rules of Tangleball:
1. "Do not be on fire" always work safely
2. "Respect Others" (DNBAA)

The Third Golden Rule is clean up any mess you made and put away the tools you used.


Other rules that have come up:
1. Do not hack tanglball tools (or return tools to their original state when finished, see writeup for hacking permissions)
2. Safety Veto: all members have the right to stop any activity they feel to be unsafe until their stated safety measures are enacted.
3. Do not make any changes to the Tangleball space that you cannot undo in 4 hours, and are willing to undo if decided by the meeting.


Safety rules:
1. Eyes: Wear eye protection for all power tools
2. Ears: Wear hearing protection for loud tools
3. Feet: Always wear covered footware when in the workshop (e.g. no jandels or bare feet)
4. General: Use whatever additional protection that is appropriate (e.g. dust masks, welding helmets, goggles, gloves(leather, latex, neoprene), coveralls, steel toe boots, etc ...)

See also: Society Rules (for the incorporated society constitution)

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