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A scavenger hunt is a real-world social activity, whereby participants are posed a series of challenges to solve or complete, located at various locations throughout the immediate vicinity, leading to the next.


Motivation & Objectives

As a possible marketing exercise, to raise awareness of the 'space & real-world application of some projects. Also a possible good social & family activity & fund-raising event.

We could try & get (vetted) sponsors to gift prizes, appropriate to specific tasks or activities.

Way-points could be a number of things, including:

  • TB projects & installations
  • Art
  • Landmarks of historical or cultural significance
  • People or attractions
  • Hacks
  • Various activities

This could also be a good way to involve the whole family, especially kids, it a good day "treasure-hunting".

This may be an ideal opportunity to showcase some of the projects that members have contributed, and foster public engagement. Since the activities span various mediums, formats & disciplines, there's bound to be something for everybody.




Organisers do not participate in (all) activities, since it will give them an unfair advantage. Some members/organisers would be responsible for their respective "way-points".


Participants will need to pay a (nominal) fee to cover costs, unless costs are covered my the sponsors. Part of the motivation for the event, besides raising awareness, is to raise capital to keep the space going & able to host future events.


QR codes

Labels containing QR codes which could contains some of the following information:

  • Messages
  • URL's
  • Geo-locations
  • Other meta-data


  • Riddles
  • Math-problems
  • Pseudo-code logic
  • Word-games


Products or merchandise provided by participating sponsors. There can be several categories of prizing, to cater for different levels of skills & involvement.

Prizes could be awarded on a points-basis. Participants earn points for the number of objectives completed, and can bonus points for completing additional tasks for "style", or for the display of TB values, such as sharing & assistance.

Participants can start the game on a positive score by making use of TB-created products/merchandise, such as wearing an "official" TB screen-printed T-shirt, or by making any other kind of contribution.

Opt-out or EOL

A BBQ or social gathering for family, friends & people that "have had enough". A predetermined time need to be specified to draw events to a close, irrespective of individual progress. This would be the time to summarise the day's activities, including highlights, & the handing out of various gifts & prizes.

Special considerations & possible problems


Various press or media-types need to be informed or notified, in order to raise awareness. Such entities could include:

  • Bloggers
  • Local publications
  • Local news & TV


Nobody's able to predict the weather (unless we make our own)

Pre-existing holidays or events

Careful planning will need to be taken not to clash with other events on the same day, in order to maximise participation

References & Resources

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