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Not sure how well this will work, but here's a basic skill matrix:

Skills available

Skill Matrix (KISS!)
Name Electronics Coding Design Other
Someone Expert Ninja Master Jack-of-all-trades Key master
Neftaly Gd Practical, mediocre theory PHP, JS, Perl, BASIC, Asm GIMP/PS Chippie, electrician, plumbing, metalwork experience
David Done a couple of 3rd year Physics papers on electronics Prof Web Developer Can use MS Paint... ha! Expert MediaWiki User from my years and years on Wikipedia
Jaco basic some - mostly web-based little to none some woodwork; general handiness
Zarek Basic stuff, but I know how to solder _reasonably_ well Some C, some BASIC, some PHP, some HTML, some CSS... I can use Photoshop and The GIMP, barely. Some woodworking, electronics. Some Mediawiki experience, spend AGES on Wikipedia. [[1]]
Moss Rusty Soldering skills, medium dabbler in Arduino, most of the basics Quick learner, multiple languages, focusing on Clojure and Python 3 atm, mostly a script writer than a low level coder. I can whip up spartan stuff pretty easy, but don't ask me to colour match as I'm color-vision impaired. Decent study at Business Admin / Day to Day Accounting, Retail sales at talking a mile a minute, Focus on Health / Safety as a passion.
FriendlyName elec-skills code-skills design-skills misc-skills

Skills required

  • Math & financial wiz
  • Legal eagle
  • Marketing ace
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